Short Musical Film to the Monodrama Sentiment

“What is a performer without an audience?”

Director: Vivian Säde (Estonia)

Singer/Screenwriter: Ema Katrovas (Czech Republic/USA)

Production Company: moondustfilms (Estonia)

Music: Juliana Hall (USA)

Text: Caitlin Vincent (USA)

Dramaturg: Roosmarijn Brans (Netherlands)

Trailer from the test shoot of the short film Sentiment (shot July 2020 in Branické divadlo)


This is a 12-minute musical short film in pre-production based on the monodrama Sentiment of the same name for unaccompanied soprano, composed by Juliana Hall to a text by Caitlin Vincent. Sentiment will be a visually extravagant, surreal, absurdist and at times humorously self-ironic piece of self-revelation which asks the question: “What is a performer without an audience?” This question has taken on a new sense of urgency with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

The creators are currently planning to assemble their crew from live theater creators, thus turning the project into an educational opportunity which answers to the particular demands of our time. They plan to shoot a documentary about the process of filming which would explore the dialogue between theater and film.

Tentative release: 2023

Test Shoot Crew

Director: René Kmet

Director of Photography: Josef Kader Agha

Sound: Jana Kašpárek Vyšínská

Editor: Roman Lakovlev

Set Photography/Continuity: Anna Burianová

Photos from Test Shoot