a short musical film based on the monodrama Sentiment

“What is a performer without an audience?”

Director: Vivian Säde (Estonia)

Singer/Screenwriter: Ema Katrovas (Czech Republic/USA)

Production Company: moondustfilms (Estonia)

Music: Juliana Hall (USA)

Text: Caitlin Vincent (USA)

Dramaturg: Roosmarijn Brans (Netherlands)

External Collaborator/Distribution: Bare Opera

Trailer from the test shoot of the short film Sentiment (shot July 2020 in Branické divadlo)


Echo is a short musical film in pre-production based on the monodrama Sentiment for unaccompanied soprano, composed by Juliana Hall to a text by Caitlin Vincent. Echo will be a visually extravagant, surreal, absurdist and at times humorously self-ironic piece of self-revelation which asks the question: “What is a performer without an audience?”

Tentative release: 2023

Test Shoot Crew

Director: René Kmet

Director of Photography: Josef Kader Agha

Sound: Jana Kašpárek Vyšínská

Editor: Roman Lakovlev

Set Photography/Continuity: Anna Burianová

Photos from Test Shoot